Manage Your Account

Who manages my account status?

All accounts have various statuses: Tourist, Live, Hard Blocked, Soft Blocked, and Closed. The meanings of those statuses are stated here:

  • Tourist: Newly acquired account number, has never associated with any identity. Tourist NFTs are free to transfer between users.

  • Live: Registered as Fiat24 client, and the client’s identity has been verified. The account can be used freely within its transaction limits.

  • Hard Blocked: Client can still log into the service, but the account is blocked for any incoming or outgoing payments.

  • Soft Blocked: No outgoing payment is possible, but the client can still receive payments.

  • Closed: Client has closed the business relationship with Fiat24. The account number is locked forever, never to be recycled.

The account status can only be set/changed by Fiat24 Operation. In case of any concerns, please contact Client Services.

To check your account status, go to the mobile app and click Profile; the status is stated there. Advanced users can also watch the image of the NFT directly in their Ethereum wallet. The avatar of the NFT shows the status of your account. However, please note that some wallets don’t refresh the avatar of the NFT very often, which means that your status would not be updated to the latest status.

Can I change my nickname?

Yes. Your nickname is written into your Fiat24 NFT, and you are the only one able to set it. Because it is an Ethereum transaction, you need to pay a small amount of Ether gas to complete the transaction. You can change your nickname by clicking on your avatar in the Fiat24 dApp.

Can I change my avatar?

Your default avatar is the one linked to your NFT (account number). You can replace with your Twitter avatar if you change your nickname to your Twitter handle, including the "@" at the beginning. Because it is an Ethereum transaction, you need to pay a small amount of Ether gas to complete the transaction.

I have lost my wallet, what next?

Contact us immediately at After verifying your identity, we will lock your account, which means your account is frozen for any transaction. We will reset your account by transferring the NFT and your money into your new Ethereum wallet. In such case, we may charge you a small processing fee.

How can I close my account?

You need to contact our Customer Service directly.

What do I do about taxes?

Fiat24 does not offer any tax advice. If you have doubts about how to proceed with regard to your taxes, please contact a tax advisor.

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