Sending Money

Is it free to send money?

There are no fees to send money in Fiat24. However, a small amount of Ether (so-called gas) need to be paid for the transaction.

Why can’t I send money anymore?

If your Fiat24 account is blocked, you can’t send money until the issue has been resolved. To check your status, go to the mobile app and click Profile. You can see your account status by clicking on your avatar and then "Your Terms". Advanced users can also observe the avatar of the Fiat24 NFT directly in the Arbitrum (Ethereum) wallet, which indicates the status of their account. However, be careful as some wallets do not refresh the NFT status frequently, which means a status may be outdated.

How do I check the status of a transaction?

All Fiat24 transactions are executed on the Arbitrum (Ethereum) blockchain. Advanced clients can check the status in any blockchain explorer such as Arbiscan.

Am I sending money to a person or a company?

If the receiving account number starts with one to seven, such as 5892329 or 38991, the recipient is a person. If the account number starts with an eight, such as 89002, the recipient is a merchant or a corporation.

Who can block my account?

Our Operations team controls your account status. We only block your account in very limited situations, mostly due to issues in compliance or in suspected money laundering cases. If you find your account is blocked, we recommend you contact our Client Support for instructions.

Why has my transaction status been pending for so long?

All Fiat24 transactions are executed on the Arbitrum (Ethereum) blockchain, dependent on how busy the network is. In some cases, your transaction can be postponed due to a network traffic jam on the blockchain.