Receiving Money

How can I receive money from peers?

You can set the amount and execute peer-to-peer transactions using the QR code displayed in the Fiat24 dApp under the button "Receive", or by using your address.

Why can’t I receive money?

If your account is in the status of Tourist, you have a volume quota of 1000 CHF equivalent value per 30 days. After using up this quota, you will need to wait a few days until your quota is reset again. Another situation is if the money is wired to an Ethereum address without the NFT. You can still receive money, but you have a limit cap on each currency account. More specifically, this amount is: 250 USD, 250 CHF, 250 GBP, and 250 EUR.

Why can’t I receive money, even after I have been verified?

Check your account status. If the status is hard blocked, the account cannot receive any incoming payment. In such cases, please contact our Client Service for more details.

Why didn’t I get the total amount?

If you have a Business Account with an account number starting with an eight, each payment you received will have 0.55% deducted from the total for commission. If your account is individual account, no fee will be charged for payments.