Intro to Fiat24

What is Fiat24?

We are a Swiss fintech company directly regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA, and we offer cash account to clients directly on the blockchain, using a layer 2 solution wallet protocol.
Through the Fiat24 DApp, clients can top up their cash accounts through a bank wire or using crypto tokens, and send and receive money to and from peers in the Fiat24 ecosystem. We thus provide a bridge between crypto and fiat, as well as a seamless payment experience.
Furthermore, every client can purchase F24 tokens, which serve as our royalty points. Owning F24 enables clients to increases their monthly transactional limits, as well as allowing them to buy land in our Metaverse.

Why Fiat24?

Designed for both retail users and merchant clients, experience next generation payments with hassle-free and real-time blockchain payments, and extend your payment universe.
Gain full control of your assets and enjoy your multi-currency cash account with innovative technologies, Swiss quality, all available 24/7 directly in your wallet.
Top-up your account easily from peers, banks of your choice, and crypto, all made possible by the use of our NFT, which allows you to access all of our services via your preferred digital wallet. With us, passwords and SMS codes are a thing of the past!
Our crypto top-us service provides a unique solution for off ramps for the most popular crypto tokens.
Go further and own valuable land in our Metaverse, building brand awareness and doing business there when you acquire a premium account number.
Fiat24 invites you to begin your journey in a new financial universe, empowering you through ownership and control, all made possible by the power of the Ethereum blockchain.

What currencies does Fiat24 support?

Fiat24 supports CHF, EUR, USD and GBP. For details on the use of these currencies, please refer to the Cash Top-up and Cash Withdrawal sections of this FAQ page.

What do I need to start using Fiat24?

To start using Fiat24, you will need:
  • An Ethereum compatible wallet
  • Some Arbitrum ETH to pay our low gas fee
Not sure how to get started? Read our guides here or watch our tutorial videos here.
Last modified 7mo ago