Integration Guide

Welcome to the Fiat24 Integration Guide!

Here, developers can access the tools and tutorials needed to use the Fiat24 Smart Contracts & RESTful API, and quickly and easily integrate it into their applications. Start exploring today and discover the power of the Fiat24 Platform!

This guide includes three parts:

  • The Part 1 gives the solidity developers fully details about how to communicate with our smart contracts in Arbitrum blockchain.

  • The Part 2 includes various RESTful APIs which enable you to securely access and manage off-chain Client accounts and data, design and customise your payment, cards, and Fiat24 account flows, and leverage our payments and banking infrastructure.

  • The Part 3 is to integrate the client onboarding process with external application. We also offer colour schemes for customise the look-and-feel.

To integrate with Fiat24, you don't have to register with us. All interfaces are totally permission-less.

We don't provide any Sandbox environment.

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