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Extend your crypto wallet into an eBanking app

Fiat24 is designed for wallets

Fiat24 is a pluggable fiat infrastructure for Web3 wallets. It streamlines the fiat money transfer and payments for both traditional and web3 native users by providing experiences that they're most comfortable with. With support most of major payment channels such as SEPA, SIC, SWIFT and Debit Card processings, Fiat24 results in a standard payment provider to web3 users and applications.

Why Web3 wallets integrate Fiat24?

With Fiat24 integrated into your application, your users can enjoy products from the traditional banking world:

  • Swiss IBAN account with multi-currencies: Each user obtains one unique Swiss IBAN account number. Three currencies (EUR, CHF, USD) are stored in ERC20 form and all bookings are transparent in Blockchain. Through our clearing network, the payment can easily cleared in various payment networks.

  • VISA Debit Card: Users domiciled in EEA regions and Switzerland can have a Debit Card from VISA network. We support Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. We plan to activate more regions in Q3/2024.

Our Offerings

We offer 2 kinds of programs for Web3 wallets:

  1. BasicConnect

  2. PowerFuse

In this wallet program type, you will be able to receive a customised VISA Debit Card. This means that the card will be designed with your brand colours and logo alongside the Fiat24 logo, and you will be able to offer it to your community members and users.

This is advantageous because it allows you to seamlessly enable your users to spend the tokens that they have in your wallet in their daily life, converting their crypto to fiat money in just a few clicks.

Conditions of the Program

What you receive:

  • Customised design VISA Debit Card

Conditions you have to meet:

  1. Fiat24's 4 ERC20 tokens listed in your wallet - USD24, EUR24, CHF24 and F24

  2. Fiat24 NFT (ERC721) token listed in your wallet

  3. The Fiat24 dApp is promoted in your wallet's suggested/recommended dApp listing

  4. You must promote the card to your community across all your social media channels

  5. A 10'000 USDT fee must be paid upfront. 5'000 USDT will be returned to you upon the distribution to 500 users of the Fiat24 card within 6 months after launch date. (only users deemed eligible for our card count towards the 500 number. EEA countries and Switzerland domiciled residents can get access to the Fiat24 Visa debit card).

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