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Samsung Pay

Pay quickly and easily with Samsung Pay

Add your Fiat24 Debit Card digitally on your Samsung Galaxy phones and pay more easily, quickly and securely. Online and anywhere where it is possible to make contactless payments.

Adding a card in the Samsung Wallet app

  1. Log in to the Samsung Wallet app using your Samsung account

  2. Select the authentication method (PIN or fingerprint)

  3. Select the card that you wish to add

  4. Follow the instructions in the app

Video Instruction from Samsung

Paying with Samsung Pay

Whenever you go shopping, you only need your Galaxy smartphone or your Galaxy Watch, you can leave your wallet at home. With Samsung Pay, you can pay anywhere where contactless payments can be made, even in selected online shops.

Paying at the terminal

  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your Samsung smartphone screen to launch Samsung Pay

  2. Authenticate the payment using your fingerprint or PIN

  3. Hold the smartphone up to the terminal to pay

Paying online

  1. When making a payment in an online shop, select Samsung Pay as the payment method

  2. Select the payment card you would like to use with Samsung Pay

  3. Authenticate the transaction on the smartphone using your fingerprint or PIN

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