Digital Identity

Use NFT to access your Money, Payments and Debit card

Your Access to Fiat24 Services

In order to become a client of Fiat24, you must own a “Fiat24” NFT (ERC721 compatible token) in your Arbitrum (Ethereum) wallet. Each NFT has an unique number that represents your Fiat24 account number. The NFT is the access key to your Fiat24 account.

We offer two types of account NFT, Individual and Business.

Individual Account is made for personal clients, with it you can:

  • Access a multi-currency cash account

  • Swiss IBAN number

  • A VISA Debit Card

  • Perform peer to peer transfers

  • Do crypto top-ups

  • Do currency exchanges

  • Do cash top ups via bank wire

  • Do cash withdrawals via bank wire

With a 30 day transactional volume limit from 100'000 CHF (around 105'000 USD).

Pricing for Individuals


No username or password

In short, Fiat24 NFT is your login credential to your account.

Fiat24 NFTs are a new type of identifier used to create self-owned digital identities for Fiat24 users. They are designed to be globally unique and persistent, meaning that they can be used to establish service relationships between the users and us as a financial institution.

A Fiat24 NFT combines the concepts of user's identity and NFTs to create a new type of digital asset that represents the access credential. In other words, a Fiat24 NFT is an NFT that is associated with an user ID, and represents ownership or proof of authenticity of that ID.

Secured Client Profile

As a Swiss licensed Fintech, we verity client's identity before our services can be activated. All client's identity and risk data are verified and stored centrally inside our premise, not exposed to the blockchain network. The Swiss regulatory framework gives clients unbeatable trust to us as their data keeper.

Web3 Connectivity

As a part of web3 economy, the Fiat24 NFT can be used by 3rd party web3 applications. The status of the NFT indicates the healthiness of the user behind, without disclosing the privacy of the user.

How do I get a Fiat24 NFT?

If you connect your wallet with Fiat24 for the first time, you will be guided to choose a free number.

All account (NFT) numbers with 5 digits are available with the cost of 1 F24 token (or equivalent of Ether), together with around 0.02 USD equivalent value of Ether (Arbitrum) to pay the gas fee in order to acquire/mine the NFT on the network.

However, one- to four-digit account numbers are more expensive and only for small group of people with consuming specific amount of F24 tokens, or if the user can pay in Ether directly in their wallet.

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