F24 Token

Tokenomics in brief

What is Fiat24?

Fiat accessing layer maintains a critical role in web3 infrastructure as a means of connecting smart contracts to off-chain (traditional) payment networks (i.e. SEPA, SWIFT, Card Processing). Fiat24 is often viewed as the fiat layer plug-in for those contracts, thus representing a significant component for Web3 development.

What is F24?

F24 is a reward tool that connects the interests of various participants in the Fiat24 ecosystem. We effectively align the interests of Fiat24 users with stakeholders, clients, partners and community participants.

The maximum supply of F24 tokens is limited to 100 million. In terms of technical implementation, F24 is an ERC20 token built on the Arbitrum blockchain. The contract address is:


The function of F24 token

The token exists as a utility for buying Fiat24 NFT, which represents the digital identity (also account number) of Fiat24 users.

There are two kinds of participants who need F24 token:

All consumed F24 tokens will be burnt directly. Therefore, when more and more users purchase these services, the circulation of F24 tokens becomes less and less, which is a deflationary model.

F24 is only required for the above specific groups of people.

Now there aren't any preconditions for our standard users to have F24.

How to buy F24 tokens?

We deployed a smart contract bot to sell the F24 token and offer a stepped pricing over time.

Accepted Payment: Ether (ETH) only

Network: Arbitrum Mainnet

  1. Before 01.July.2024, 1 F24 = 1/1500 ETH

  2. Then, before 01.Oct.2024, 1 F24 = 1/500 ETH

  3. Then, before 01.Jan.2025, 1 F24 = 1/450 ETH

  4. Then, before 01.Apr.2025, 1 F24 = 1/400 ETH

  5. Then, before 01.July.2025, 1 F24 = 1/350 ETH

  6. Then, before 01.Oct.2025, 1 F24 = 1/300 ETH

  7. Then, before 01.Jan.2026, 1 F24 = 1/250 ETH

  8. Then, before 01.Apr.2026, 1 F24 = 1/200 ETH

  9. Then, before 01.July.2026, 1 F24 = 1/150 ETH

  10. Finally, after 01.July 2026, 1 F24 = 1/100 ETH

User can access this bot to acquire F24 from two methods:

  1. Inside the Fiat24 dApp, click the 'F24' button inside the left profile bar.

  2. Experienced users can call the buy function inside the smart contract from Arbiscan



  • Fiat24 team members will NEVER DM YOU or ask you for money on any platforms. You should be very skeptical of any DMs received by anyone claiming to be a Fiat24 team member

  • Only acquire the token from either the Fiat24 dApp or the smart contract mentioned above

  • Be cautious and practice safe strategies

How is F24 circulated?

The maximum supply of F24 is set at 100,000,000 units. It will be distributed as follows:

  • 50% is allocated to the Fiat24 community

  • 30% is allocated to the company’s treasury

  • 20% is allocated to the founding team, company staff and early investors

What happens to the 50% of tokens allocated for community?

50% of the total supply of F24 tokens will be used to help sustainably grow the Fiat24 ecosystem over the next few years. The tokens will periodically be used to incentivize new participants, such as integration developers and frequent users, to join and help grow the ecosystem. The Community Development tokens will be managed by the operting company SR Saphirstein AG.

How do you distribute 20% F24 to the team and early investors?

In total, 20% of the F24 supply ​​goes to the founding team, employees and our early supporters.

The token in this slot will be vested in 4 years, from 01.July.2022 to 30.June.2026, with 1 year cliff period.

  • Vesting Start Timestamp: 1656626400 (Fri Jul 01 2022 00:00:00 CET)

  • Cliff Timestamp: 1688162400 (Sat Jul 01 2023 00:00:00 CET)

  • Vesting End Timestamp: 1782856799 (Tue Jun 30 2026 23:59:59 CET)

All positions are locked in the smart contract:


What's the plan for 30% token in the company treasury?

The reserved 30% F24 token is managed by the operting company SR Saphirstein AG. The company will use the reserve to seek external funds to support, as appropriate, its ongoing human resources, legal, business, marketing, and software and infrastructure development expenses. All these measures are taken in good faith and to be able to develop Fiat24 as a platform that rewards its contributors in the short and long term.

Can F24 tokens circulate without restrictions?

All F24 tokens allocated to the users have no transfer restrictions. However, all F24 belonging to the team and early investors will be vested over 4 years, with 6 months cliff.

Incentivization of the F24

We designed F24 to reward early adopters while providing profits for the company.

Assuming all our premium accounts are sold out, 48% of the amount will be burnt. In addition, through the rigid demand of third-party wallet providers, approximately 61.78 million user accounts will be provided.

The entire life cycle of F24 is one-way deflation, because the token is burnt continuously. As Fiat24 becomes more and more popular, the demand for F24 will accelerate, but the supply will be reduced, thereby pushing up the market value.

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