Apple Pay

Purchases made easy. With Apple Pay.

Enjoy all the benefits of your Fiat24 Debit Card using Apple Pay. A safe, contactless way to pay in stores with your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Adding a card via Apple Wallet

  1. 1.
    Open the Wallet app
  2. 2.
    Tap the "+" sign in the upper-​right corner
  3. 3.
    Select Fiat24 from the list and follow the instructions on the display
  • For Apple Watch, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and select "Wallet & Apple Pay", then tap "Add Credit or Debit Card".
  • On your iPad, go to Settings, open "Wallet & Apple Pay", and select "Add Credit or Debit Card".

Where to pay

Use Apple Pay wherever you see one of these symbols.
  • Paying in stores: To pay with Face ID, double-click the side button, glance at your screen, then hold iPhone near the reader. For Touch ID, hold your iPhone near the reader with your finger on Touch ID
  • Paying in apps and on websites: On your iPhone or iPad, select Apple Pay at checkout and complete the payment using Face ID or Touch ID. On your Mac, select Apple Pay and complete the payment using your iPhone or Apple Watch. On MacBook Pro, pay using Touch ID on the Touch Bar.
Apple Pay is the safe, fast way to pay in stores with your iPhone and Apple Watch. Quickly check out using the devices you carry every day.


On how many devices I can provision my Fiat24 Debit Card?

Your card can be added into max 9 devices.

Will I see recent transactions on my phone?

Yes, latest transactions made by iPhone will be shown.

What happens if my iPhone is lost or stolen?

You can suspend/delete token through iCloud or place a request with customer care ([email protected]) to suspend or delete your card token.

Can I resume deleted cards if I find my lost device?

No, you cannot resume deleted cards. Only suspended cards can be resumed.

Can I add a card again if deleted once?


I'm receiving an error, “Card Not Added-Contact your issuer” message while adding my card. What does this mean?

Your card is closed and hence cannot be used.