How to register your information and scan your biometric passport to get verified for a standard account

In order to upgrade your account to Live, you need to input your personal information so that we can verify it.
1) From your Tourist account, you can click on any function requiring a standard account, for example the bank payout function, and it will prompt you to complete the registration.
2) Click on "Register account".
3) You will be taken to your registration dashboard. This is also accessible through www.fiat24.com/verify/login.
4) Click on start, and fill out the form.
5) In the final step, please provide your name and the email address where you would like to be contacted, and submit the application.
6) You will receive an email containing a link for your address and identity verification. You can also access this page under www.fiat24.com/verify/login.
7) For regulatory reasons, we must check you find yourself near the address you will register. Please activate the GPS on your device.
8) Please fill out the address form, including your tax information.
9) If you are eligible for a Fiat24 card, you will be asked whether you would like one.
10) Please submit your address and location information.
11) Next, you will be asked to complete the passport and identity check. For this, you need to have the app ReadID ready on your device, as well as your biometric passport on hand.
12) Go through the steps in the ReadID Ready app. You will have to scan the photo page of your passport.
13) You will then have to hold your closed passport to the back of your phone to allow for the scan of the NFC chip inside the document.
14) And finally you will be asked to take a selfie, before sharing the data with Fiat24.
15) You will receive an email confirming that your application is under review.
16) Once your information has been reviewed and there are no issues, you will receive an email confirming that your account is now Live. In your dashboard, your NFT card will change colour to green, and you can enjoy the full range of our services. You can access the limits applicable to your account by clicking your avatar and scrolling to "Your Terms".