Crypto Top-up

How to top up your account with crypto
1) In the demo, the Ethereum wallet contains 10 USDC tokens.
2) Click on the 'Receive' button, choose the Crypto tab, and input the amount you wish to top up, for example 5 USDC.
3) You will need to authorise Fiat24 to access the USDC in your Ethereum wallet by clicking 'Allow access to 5 USDC', and sign and confirm the transaction through the wallet signature request.
4) The USDC is sent to the Fiat24 Crypto Desk smart contract and the 5 dollars are credited to your account within seconds.
5) After the transaction, your account terms show that you have 495 USDC available to top-up for free this month, beyond which a commission of 1% for each top-up will be charged.