Cash Withdrawal

How to withdraw money from your Fiat24 account
1) In order to withdraw money from Fiat24 to your correspondent bank account, click on the "send" button and then the "payout" tab.
2) For legal and regulatory reasons, you must first make a cash deposit to your Fiat24 account from your correspondent bank account. This bank account is then linked to your Fiat24 profile, and you can withdraw cash only to that same bank account. The payout tab will redirect you to the deposit details, which are also accessible through the “receive” button, “payout” tab.
3) In order to make a deposit from your correspondent bank account, please watch our Cash Top-up video: Cash top-up
4) Once your bank account is linked to your profile, you can make a withdrawal by again clicking on the “send” button and the “payout” tab. Your linked correspondent bank account details appear on the green card.
5) Now you can fill in the amount to withdraw and click “Next” to complete the operation.
6) If you want to change this account to a different one, please make another deposit from the second bank account, and the details will be updated. Please read our Frequently Asked Questions for details on the types of accounts and currencies supported by the deposit and withdrawal functions.
Last modified 4mo ago