Cash Top-up

How to top up your Fiat24 account with fiat cash using a bank wire
1) You can receive money into your wallet through a bank wire by clicking the 'Receive' button in your dashboard, followed by the tab ‘Bank Wire'. There you will find all the instructions you need in order to make a payment from your correspondent bank.
2) Make sure you fill in the ‘Purpose’ field when you make the payment, which should be your Fiat24 account ID number. In the demo, the number is 10365.
3) In addition, you can only wire the money from an account that is in your sole name. We do not accept cash top-ups from a third party. In such cases, we will either wire the money back with a service charge, or you will have to contact us.
4) Be careful when using the Bank Wire function because the recipient bank accounts are different across different currencies. If you switch from EUR to CHF, you will find that the Account field has a different account, while the Purpose is the same account ID 10365.