How to use your Tourist Account
1) Tourist Accounts have a transaction limit of 1000 CHF of equivalent per 30 calendar days (on a rolling basis).
2) Fiat24 supports four currencies: CHF, USD, EUR, and GBP. You can see them if you click the downward arrow on your white card in the dashboard.
3) All transaction details are listed below the dashboard card.
4) As a Tourist, you can only receive money from peers, as opposed to topping up your account with FIAT or crypto. You can set the amount you wish to receive, and show the QR code to the person paying you. The bank wire function is only available once you have registered and your details have been verified.
5) You can see your monthly transaction limits if you click on your avatar and then on "Your Terms".
6) As a Tourist, you can also send money to peers. The payout (bank withdrawal function) will only be available once you register and are verified. Type in the account to send money to and the amount that you wish to send. You need to pay a low gas fee to enable the transaction.
7) Both incoming and outgoing transactions count towards the 30-day limit of 1000 CHF or equivalent. You can always check your available limit by clicking "Your Terms".