Account Opening

How to open an account with Fiat24 quickly and easily
1) Open your Coinbase wallet and access the link app.fiat24.com in your browser.
2) Click on the purple button «Connect wallet» and again on «Choose and account number».
3) You will see a screen listing various account numbers and avatars you can choose from. The number will be the identifying number of the Fiat24 Non-Fungible Token (NFT) that will be minted and sent to your Ethereum wallet to identify your account with Fiat24.
4) You can type the NFT number that you wish to have or scroll through and select an avatar that you like.
5) Once you have selected the one you like, a pop-up will ask you to confirm the payment of the gas fee from your wallet.
6) When the transaction is successfully completed, your newly minted NFT is in your Ethereum wallet, and you have opened an account with Fiat24.
7) You will see your dashboard in the Fiat24 Dapp. The white card shows that you are a Tourist user, which means that you have not yet gone through the registration process and your identity has not been verified yet.
8) Clicking on your avatar will open up your profile, where you can see balances in various supported currencies, as well as your account information.
Now let's look at the basics inside your Fiat24 account.
1) To switch currencies, click on the downward arrow next to your account balance and a list will open.
2) To receive money, click on the "receive" button. Tourist accounts are able to receive money from peers. Bank wires can only be used after you become a verified standard client.
3) To send money to a peer, click on the "send" button. Payouts, or bank withdrawals to your own correspondent bank account, will become active once you become a registered standard client.
4) You can also change your publicly visible nickname for a little gas fee. This will be confirmed through the blockchain within a few seconds.
5) You can also claim your F24 tokens, which are the loyalty points of Fiat24. Clicking on the claim button begins a transaction process. After the transaction is confirmed, you will have the first 500 F24 tokens in your account.
Keep your account secure and log out after each session by clicking on the power button in the top right corner.
Last modified 6mo ago