Account NFT Details

What is a Fiat24 Account NFT?

In order to become a client of Fiat24, you must own a “Fiat24” NFT (ERC721 compatible token) in your Arbitrum (Ethereum) wallet. Each NFT has a unique number that represents your Fiat24 cash account number. The NFT is the access key to your Fiat24 account.

How do I get a Fiat24 NFT?

The NFT can be acquired for free in our store. To visit our store, just open the Fiat24 mobile app with an Arbitrum (Ethereum) wallet without any Fiat24 NFT, and the app will automatically redirect to our store.
While the NFT itself does not cost anything, you will have to pay the applicable Ethereum gas fee to complete the transaction for your chosen NFT.
If you have no ETH in your wallet, you may also use the random generator embedded in our store to generate a free NFT number at random, which you can get without having to pay the gas fee. You cannot pick the NFT number manually if you are using this option, but you can generate as many numbers as you want before picking one.

Why can’t I find a shorter account number?

The account number is the ID of the NFT, which is a one to five-digit number, such as 253 or 31586. Usually the shorter the number, the more valuable it is. All numbers with more than five digits (except those starting with an eight or nine) are available for free in our store, and anyone can acquire them.
However, one- to four-digit account numbers are only available through buying a land plot in our Metaverse, or if the user has a sufficient number of our F24 loyalty tokens already in their wallet

Is there anything special about numbers starting with 8?

Accounts starting with an eight are business accounts for corporate clients. A business account can only be opened manually by client services.
If you are a corporate client, please contact our Client Service.

Why are account numbers starting with 9 not available?

Account numbers starting with a nine are reserved for internal uses.

Is it free to acquire a NFT?

Yes, all account (NFT) numbers with more than five digits are available at no extra cost (Fiat24 does not set a price on them), but you must own at least 0.0005 Ether in Arbitrum to pay the gas fee in order to acquire/mine the NFT on the network.

I am a new user, how can I get Ether?

After connecting your Arbitrum (Ethereum) wallet, if your wallet has insufficient amount of Arbitrum Ether, we will guide you to buy Ether in Arbitrum with your Visa or MasterCard credit card.
Ether is also available to purchase from almost every crypto platform. You can also transfer your Ether from Layer 1 using Arbitrum Bridge in your wallet.

Can I have 2 NFTs connected to one Arbitrum (Ethereum) address?

No, the system does not allow a Fiat24 NFT to be sent to an Arbitrum (Ethereum) address that has ever had another Fiat24 NFT before. However, an NFT can always be transferred back to the Arbitrum (Ethereum) address which had it before. So, the principle is, if an address has ever held one Fiat24 NFT, it can never have another Fiat24 NFT except for the original one.

Can I connect to Fiat24 with different wallets (Solana based for example)?

The service is currently only available on Arbitrum, but we are working on expanding our technical capabilities to serve further wallets.

How do I create an Arbitrum network in my wallet?

For Metamask:
  1. 1.
    Go to Settings (top left)
  2. 2.
    Click on “Wallet” to view the Network settings
  3. 3.
    Click on “Add Network”
  4. 4.
    Enter the following details in each of the fields
    Network Name: Arbitrum One
    RPC Url:
    Chain ID: 42161
    Symbol: AETH
    Block Explorer URL:
  5. 5.
    Click “Wallet” in the middle top of the app. Change the network to “Arbitrum One.”
Note: every crypto wallet is slightly different, but the procedure should be similar to the example shown above.

Why can't I see the NFT in my wallet?

You need to import the NFT using the NFT contract address.
In Metamask, click on "Import NFTs" and fill in your NFT token address and ID (the token ID is the NFT number).
Other wallet providers have a similar function.
You can find your NFT contract address this way:
  1. 1.
    search for your Ethereum address on
  2. 2.
    click on "Erc721 Token Txns"
  3. 3.
    click on your NFT number in the "Token ID" column
  4. 4.
    copy the contract address in the "Profile Summary".
At the moment, not all wallets support the display of Arbitrum NFTs automatically. But even if it is not visible directly in the wallet app, the NFT is actually in your wallet. You can also see it on .

Can I sell (or transfer) my NFT to another person?

Yes, but you should only sell (or transfer) an NFT with a Tourist Status, which means it has not yet been linked to you. If you sell a verified NFT to someone else, you may run the risk of it being used for money laundering. All transactions made in that account will be associated with you.

I can’t find my Fiat24 NFT anymore, what can I do?

Contact our Customer Service and we can arrange to reactivate the NFT and send it to your new Arbitrum (Ethereum) address, but we will need to verify your identity first.

Can I buy an NFT from a 3rd person or market such as OpenSea?

Yes. But you should only buy an NFT with a Tourist Status, which means the token has never been linked to a client profile before. If you acquire an NFT which has already been linked to a client, your deposit may hold the risk of being claimed by the former owner in the future.

Is the account number recycled after the account is closed?

After closing, the account number will be perpetually locked and will never be recycled for someone else’s use. The status of the NFT will be “closed” forever and cannot be changed anymore. Please know that we must hold your personal data for a specific period of time for regulatory requirements.